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VR Quasimodos

by The Hari Rama

 VR Quasimodos by The Hari Rama

VR on normal sunglasses
also any such as like: Ray Bans etc.

        Eye  Lens Screen   Focus Point

<)      () |            ¦

have a small lens just behind the:
tiny high-definition pixel screens to
have the 'focus point' out some distance
and magnified
so the eye can easily see/read
the image

may need one set ov lenses to magnify
and another set to throw the focal point

whatever it needs - it'll have it
ov course it would

cameras on either side ov the glasses
for vision and placing

runs on Blue Tooth etc.
from your Mobile Phone in your pocket
as you do

that's about it

anyone can build these  tip/donation to The Hari Rama
For: VR Sunnys
May Many Build Them

tip/donation to The Hari Rama for the VR Sunnys - May many build them - cheers

all the best

The Hari Rama
at your service

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